i am going to regret this

As someone who’s had this issue before (for real), this is not an accurate portrayal of how a condom works. 

  1. I’ve broken condoms before. So have tons of others. 
  2. A regular size can be EXTREMELY painful for me (personally). Magnum fits snuggly. I can see, however, how some people may not be able to fit even a Magnum XL. I know someone with that issue
  3. Putting on a condom that’s too small can stretch it but not break it (right away), sure, just like when you blow it up. Now try to vigorously rub it in a very tight place. Now try to run out of lube. See what happens.
  4. The amount of pressure exerted by blowing it up is constant and high. But the amount of pressure your penis exerts is not. It’s quite possible the condom may be too small but the pressure your penis exerts is not that way and can cause pain. Severe pain. The same way you can easily stretch a rubber band but putting it on your penis, wrapping it around will make your squirm in pain.

With that said. Chances of the guy not fitting into a Magnum XL? Slim. I’m ~8.5 in length and ~2.5 in circumference (last time I checked). I fit snuggly into a magnum but there are times when it’s painfully tight. Which is when you upgrade to an XL. 

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Charlotte Carey was shot by Billy Kidd.


Charlotte Carey was shot by Billy Kidd.

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I wonder sometimes about my sexual urges and desires. I wonder if what I want is unrealistic, if it’s disgusting, if it’s not right. 

It makes me wonder if these “sex positive” things are for me and what I can do about my feelings.

Do I seek out others like me or enjoy my desires alone? What is my destiny? What is it that I want and crave?

I look at pictures of others, those I follow on Tumblr, and some of those whose URL I remember off the top of my head and those that I follow on instagram and I wonder, “Is this what I wish for?”

My life is so simple and plain, yet exciting in some ways. On the outside, I’m living the american dream. Enjoying some wealth here and there, creating a family. What is it all if I can’t have this one thing so integral to my life?

Do I have a sickness then? That I require some fetish fulfillment? Do I have problems that I desire these things and without them I can be easily upset? Is it an addiction? Or is it a healthy want?

Idk. I wish I knew, and I wish I could figure this out, and talk to people about this. Talk to people that have answers yet how can people answer my own life?

So strange is this night.

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I really need a naked pics and cyber buddy. I’d love to send videos and naughty pics at all times of the day ;)

Anyone up for it? Looking for females only. Or trannies ;)

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I’m so done with this planet

she saved two lives and all they care about is her nipple.

this is sexism, my friends.

How is this sexism? If a guy did that and he had a “dick slip”, they’d be all over that too. 

But yeah, it sucks that their focus was the slip rather than what she did.

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rape culture everyone

I know right? This is so fucked up. I bet if the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t sound as “funny” to this person. 
"Woman sexually assaulted by 4 men after leaving club" -.-


rape culture everyone

I know right? This is so fucked up. I bet if the roles were reversed, it wouldn’t sound as “funny” to this person. 

"Woman sexually assaulted by 4 men after leaving club" -.-

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ita been a while since i posted a pic

ita been a while since i posted a pic

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I’m A Guy: How I See Gay Women

It’s strange but I have this strange view of gay women, there’s a certain amount of awe in it. It is not that I “get off” to seeing them, nor that I prefer lesbian porn, or whatever stereotypical but I always think to myself that a homosexual relationship between two women is something I can never have.

I imagine a gay relationship between two men somewhat of a brotherhood, a union of two souls very alike, that share an important part of their lives together, something difficult to understand outside of it. I’ve been with a couple of men, and that’s how it felt, at least to me. A strong bond forged before even a relationship. 

I feel this anxiety when it comes to straight relationships. Like it’s a struggle against the world, a struggle against stereotypes, against sitcoms, against books, against what everyone tells you. They are beautiful but I feel there is a disconnect.

Seeing two women together brings out jealousy in me, but also some yearning for this type of relationship to exist in the world. I don’t think to myself “Oh, I wish I was involved with them”, no, that’d be counter productive. I don’t wish I replaced one of them, that’d be counter-productive as well. It’s perfect the way it is. Nothing more and nothing less.

Yet again, I wish I was there in a different way. I’d love to experience being a woman and being with another woman. I just can’t experience that, in any way. There’s a strange stigma and awe around it (unless you’re a homophobe). It feels like something irreplaceable.  

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I’m A Guy: What My Problems Are

What kind of problems do you find when you look into someone’s innermost psyche? What kind of problems that people have will they disclose to you truthfully? Not many. People keep shit inside. I do too, and I can’t help it. I have problems opening up and unless the situation I’m in feels completely safe to me, I can’t open up.

I have so many different thoughts running through my head, and it always feels like I’m tearing apart. Many thoughts I don’t even voice. 

I feel like I’m trapped in a world where stereotypes and common myths try to shape who I am. Trapped in a world of prejudice. Funny thing coming from a white male in his 20s, right? I’m the stereotype for a guy that should have everything but I don’t and I experience shit just like everyone else.

I feel the pushes and pulls from the media, telling me what being a “man” is like. I feel the confusion from my friends when I state something “unmanly” or participate in a “feminine” activity.

I get angry, really angry. I feel injustice and I don’t know what to do about it. Everyone has problems, yeah. Things can’t be equal, I know. Everyone is different but being thrown into a general group with others unlike me sucks. It puts me into turmoil.

I have anxiety and that puts me into a bad position. I’m always shy, slow to make friends, “unattractive” to the masses (not by looks but by demeanor). 

In the end, my own issues come down to questions and decisions I can’t seem to make. I fall into the habit of not being able to see what reality is. Things are ambiguous, and I never know what to go by or what to believe in. 

I ask myself strange questions and question my own worth. Am I worthy of living? What am I doing here that contributes toward the betterment of this world? And some even more puzzling, am I who I should be or should I change? 

I often get into questioning my own sexuality from attraction to what gender I should be, and what sex does to me, how it influence me. 

Just a few thoughts :)

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I’m A Guy: The stories of a guy

I feel like there aren’t enough intimate stories, stories discussing the most personal details to help explain who we are and how things go for us. 

I love seeing those accounts from people, they talking about their thoughts, how they see life, and what happens to them. 

And I won’t lie, I’m basing this whole idea from Misfits. Seeing someone experiencing both genders is very enlightening. 

Can’t wait to start this :) 

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